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New Zealand shot on RED

If you ever have the chance to visit Middle-Earth, make sure you take a RED with you. A proper sponsor wouldn't hurt either. ;-) Watch some stunning footage here.

Fuji GFX100S Development Announcement

My beloved Fuji GFX50S will get a successor in 2019. At Photokina 2018 Fuji announced the development of the GFX100S and also showed a prototype. And while 102mpx are something crazy enough to make me want to upgrade, this camera has a lot more going on that makes me quite happy. It will feature Phase-Detection Autofocus, it will bring internal Image-Stabilization, and Fuji seems to tease 4k-video at full sensor-readout. It also does record 4:2:0 internally and 4:2:2 over HDMI. I'm not getting my hopes too high for that full-sensor readout, but if they can do video using a sensor-area significantly bigger than FF35, then this would be a huge thing. Think VistaVision-like filming for under 10000USD.

Can't wait! ;-)


shortfilm "EPOCH" by Rich Lee

"A few months back I asked Christopher Probst and Director Rich Lee to take Monstro 8K out and do a little something to put it through it's paces, just for fun. This is what they came up with." Jarred Land

Like RED's short-films before this again raises the bar for "just for fun" projects. It's an really awesome production that should win some awards and obviously shines in terms of cinematography. Don't miss it.

Also have a look a Christopher Probst's write-up and BTS-photos.